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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to recover SQL server database with best tool

Defining Functionalities of SQL Recovery Tool

There have been numerous situations where database administrators have faced severe server crashes. In such circumstances, they query on to find out what action they would take if they do not have a server database backup. More severe is the situations of database administrators who have employed backup solution but eventually find out the backups are invalid when they try to restore a failed server from the backup. The knowledge of a good backup and restoring technique is very important for any database administrators as inability to restore the database could mean complete loss of data to the company. Read more:- http://www.sqlrecoverysoftware.net

To cope with such a situation, DBA can rely upon a utility that claims of recovering the database of a SQL server that has got corrupted or damaged. Let us have a look on this piece of application to clear out the apprehensions on our mind. 

Trivialities of the Product

The name of the product is SQL Recovery software and you can download it from the website with ease. The setup file is merely of 6.10 MB and can be indisputably installed on the system. You got to look that it is completely a Window based tool and hence it is compatible with almost all versions of SQL Server.

Utilitarian Aspects of SQL Recovery

  • Two Way Scan Procedure: You have the option of advance scan and quick scan. Choose any one of the modes on the basis of SQL database corruption.
  • Recovery of Deleted Data: Recovers data that has been accidentally deleted from the tables maintained in SQL database.
  • Export of Data to SQL Server 2014: Apart from recovering the database of SQL server 2014, it also exports the recovered data directly to the SQL database.
  • Automatically Identifies SQL Server version: The application is competent enough to detect the version of SQL Server from the MDF files or NDF files.
  • Export Data With/Without Schema: The tool facilitates in exporting the database with schema only or you have the provision of exporting both data & schema.
  • Export Options to SQL Server: You can export the recovered database in two ways. Either you can directly export it to SQL Server or you can save it as SQL Compatible scripts and later you can export it to server.
  • Selective Export of Files: You can select the items from the recovered database and export only those items that are actually required.

Trial Version of Application

The demo version of the software only provides the preview of recovered database. For saving the recovered database, you need to opt for license version.

SQL Recovery is a software that is definitely worth recommending. Overall, I would give a rating of 9/10 utility. It is a proficient utility with an array of options for the database administrators.

Author Bio

Hi! I am Enrique Mallon, an IT geek and a passionate learner of technology. Besides my job as an SQL Database Analyst, I love searching and sharing new things that excite me help for others. Visit here http://www.sqlrecoverytool.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

When To Consider Outsourcing

In the last few years, there is an increasing trend that small businesses turn to hiring independent third party agencies to do a part of their work. The roots of outsourcing are much older, though, as businesses   have been paying outside lawyers, accountants and translators since term “business” is around. Rather   than keeping extra staff for specialized tasks, in many cases it is cheaper and easier to hire outside   contractors. Let’s explore when that is justified.

Outsourcing Is Liable If…  

The first criteria for outsourcing an activity is that it isn’t crucial for generating company profit or success   among the competition. Secondly, that activity has to be a routine that wastes time and resources, while   it is only temporary or cyclic. Next, outsourcing must prove to be less expensive than performing the   activity in-house, or similarly, it is cheaper in-house but requires resources that can be better used   elsewhere.  Finally, the skill for outsourced activity must be specialized to the extent that keeping a full-  time employee wouldn’t be feasible, or it is such an activity that people don’t find enjoying.

What Can Be Outsourced?  

There is a wide range of activities and jobs that can be outsourced, varying from accounting, payroll,   manufacturing and delivery to customer service, employee training, property management and   computer services. The most important aspect of outsourcing is that you can divert valuable resources   and human potential to more profitable activities. However, there is always a danger that a company   outsources an activity that seems benign but in fact turns to be central for operation, like customer   service department in a company that is struggling to develop a loyal customer pool.

Research for Contractors  

When you decide to outsource a specific department, you should start looking for an agency that will   take it over. For example, you can ask companies that are in the same business as yours if they know a   good outsourcing agency, which can continue trawling the Internet for more elaborate list of services.   The companies that came into your searchlight should provide you with a list of their client references,   which leads you to interviewing those clients to find out more about a particular company services and   business conduct.

Choose a Company that Suits your Needs  

A compatible outsourcing company is the one that fully grasps the essence of your needs and is ready to   deliver the product or service that you asked. For example, if you need a breathtaking video   presentation of your company, you will more likely hire a California film company than make your PR   managers put one together.  The contract that you make should be composed in such a manner that it   allows the terms of agreement to be changed, in order to accommodate unforeseen changes.   Remember that an agreement might seem perfect now, but useless in a few years.

Set the Standards you Expect them to Meet  

An inevitable side effect of outsourcing is that a business loses direct control and supervision, so what   you need to do early on is lay out the standards of performance that you expect. The contract should   specify these standards in detail, and our job is to check up the outsource performance regularly.

Consistent Communication  

It is imperative that you are holding regular meetings with your outsourcing agency so you can stay   informed, while discussing daily problems that they are experiencing. Preventing potential problems in   the future is only possible if you are completely aware of what is going on, and eventually your business   operation will improve thanks to good communication between the HQ and contractors.

 It seems that outsourcing trend hay set to take its full swing, as the number of independent contractors   is increasing on daily basis. Definitely consider it as a tool of taking advantage over the competition,   whatever your business might be.

Monday, April 20, 2015

IOS 8.4 beta 1 presented an updated application "Music"

"Apple" was produced by the release of the first beta of iOS 8.4, which use so far can only developers. The new beta has a number of updates to the internal and external type, as well as improvements in comparison with the previous version of broaching, but its main novelty acts application "Music", which has been processed, starting with the basics. 

"Music" has been completely changed its design. In addition, users can add their own custom skins from the "Camera Roll" and you can now add to the album and file description. Music can be sorted by date, when it was added to the playlist. With the new Up next, users have the opportunity to self-determination of the sequence of track playback.

Friday, February 20, 2015

What You Gain By Mobile Payments

Mobile payments as the name suggests, is simply making payments through your mobile phone. The concept is fairly known now considering almost ALL leading vendors and merchants are adapting to this new mode of payment. But for novices, Mobile Payments are payments using the NFC chip in your smart phone and simply tapping it to NFC Reader at the payment counter. Believe me; it is as easy as it sounds! A pre-requisite however is to have your E-wallets (or service/application that bridges your financial information with the NFC payment reader and authorizes the withdrawal amount of your secure transaction).
So what do you gain by making payments through your mobile device? Let me paint certain facts which you probably are still unfamiliar with about NFC payment:

You Gain Security

Contrary to what many people think, mobile payments are more secure than making transaction through your credit card. First all data is transferred through encryption so the merchants cannot gain access to your information. Secondly, it uses pin code security so only you have the key or password to your money.

Additionally, try making an online payment through credit card where you have to enter each and every detail of your account to the merchant’s website. Now, with mobile payments, you have the additional layer of masking your account information through the ewallet that has your personal financial information safe inside. Thus, mobile payments are a much secure option.

Gained Consumer Options

With the option of making payments through your mobile phone, you have the benefit of NOT carrying cash at all. Say you are shop keeper who has NFC reader installed.  Your customers now can no longer say that they can’t buy because they don’t have the money. In the same sense, if you’re a purchaser, you need not worry about keeping cash everywhere.
Moreover, remember from a customer’s point of view, sometimes your credit card may be declined if there is a problem at the bank or you cannot remember your pin. With this NFC technology, you have the option of linking more than one financial institute with your phone. Even if your cell phone battery is dead, remember the NFC chip within your smart phone is capable of operating with your cell phone switched off.

Better Financial Protection against Theft

The risk of physical theft is always present, be it your wallet or your mobile phone. In case of robbery, a credit card is simpler to use at payment counters (as it requires a signature and that’s it). However, your NFC device is much safer! In a comparable scenario, your NFC device would not let anyone make a purchase without a PIN code that is still safe with you. Hence, the chip in your phone prevents accidental or intentional tampering and will deny unauthorized access.

Buying Choices Tapped Through Your Present Location

Would it not be nice to know the best deals, best food, and discounts, compare prices or simply buy cheaper grocery when you are within a shopping area? Well, this reality will hit big by 2015. In a poll conducted by MobilePayments Today, examining the customer shopping trends, 25% customers agree that they would like to know more as they enter a shopping mall.

You Do Not Carry Your Wallet

NFC uses RFID tags that not only allow you to make electronic payments but also stores info about saving tokens, giveaways and customer loyalty card and applies them whenever expenditures are made. Check out how a journalist was able to live one whole month with no wallet.

Gain Savings By Not Over Spending

This is where NFC gets genuinely strong. It not only handovers your money to merchants and keeps your coinage secure; the applications using NFC can offer details of your spending, your shopping routines and customs.

Gain Contacts and Social Feeds

While we will never run of commercial cards, NFC chips have the feature of storing information of your contacts so you can network fearlessly.

Gain Access Control

Who among us has not lost keys your station or residence? NFC-enabled phones allow us to open our locked doors. Users of the NFC just move their cellular device, instead of an authorization card, at a reading device, as a permit for access to workrooms, work spot, dwelling or other closed areas. 

About the Author:

Umar Jamshed is an IT expert and a former consultant with The World Bank. He is a graduate of Curtin University, Australia. He writes for Inbound.Zone and manages his IT firm.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five ways to improve your communication with google services


Gmail has quickly become one of the most popular email platforms on the planet, and for good reason. Signing up for a new account takes a minute, and you are immediately given a huge amount of online space, and a superior interface for your trouble. There are some adverts in the main email page, but they are subtly placed and non-intrusive, which creates space for your emailing that rivals the best from Microsoft and other email providers. The benefits of Gmail are clear- not only are you given a large amount of space to work in, but the knowledge that millions of others are using the service means that you can be assured of a quick fix if a technical problem arises. Google is a brand that everyone is aware of, and reliability is at the core of its success, so up time has been kept to a level few others can match. When you consider that spam filtering is included, there really is no reason not to look to Gmail in place of many paid-for solutions.

Google also provides other communication services, such as Google Talk and associated plugins which enable calls to be Made over an Internet. Connection for free, and also offers online chats via instant messaging. The service has been integrated into other Google offerings such as Gmail, which now offers the chat functionality within the standard Gmail window. Users can immediately chat to other Google users, and the resulting chat logs are saved to the Gmail account alongside normal emails. It brings instant messaging and voice calling to the one application, and therefore all of your communication needs can be catered for in one place. Video chat is also available, and software versions for a variety of mobile platforms enable you to use the service whenever and wherever you like. Google also offers a service called Google Voice, which is currently US-only, but is expected to come to other countries in the future. It allows calls to international phone numbers at a much discounted rate, and a unique phone number which some now use to replace there traditional Land lines.  

The Google communication services are already at a level which means that they can be used for almost all communication needs, but as they advance, they could potentially be used by large businesses, and gain a foothold in the wider telecoms and business email markets. For the average user, Google offers a lot of functionality that is independent of the computer they use, and it is hard to ignore so many clever services that are completely free to use.


One major benefit of the Gmail interface is the way in which labels are organised and displayed. When you receive a new email, you can quickly assign a label (category) to it, and it will be available within a folder alongside similarly labelled items. In the main email list, the label is displayed with the correct colour coding. The presentat ion rivals - and in some cases surpasses - more expensive email clients.


It is likely that when you are emailing people, they are also online, but email can be a slow form of communication w hen trying to have a conversation. If a contact is online, you can chat to them straight away from within Gmail using Google Chat. A small box will pop up showing the chat log, and it will even be saved within Gmail for future reference.


Gmail offers a world class email interface, which is available in any browser. Your contacts are stored alongside emails, and even a basic task manager is built into the interface. Each task can have an associated email, and typing the start of a contact's name will offer you the opportunity to email them straight away. Themes let you make the experience personal to you, and the spam protection is almost foolproof.


Besides the well-known services, there are many other offerings from Google that can help you communicate with others. Groups is a service that lets you send mailing lists to a specific group of people, discuss events online with the same group, and even share files with each member at the tap of a button. This can be handy for businesses and those with a wide circle of friends


The multitude of online communication services currently available has reduced the amount of time people spend speaking to each other verbally and visually, but Google Voice and Google Talk can redress the balance. The good news is that calls will be much cheaper, or in many cases free, and they are compatible with many other Google services. The call quality can also be enhanced, as digital technology is used to deliver each call.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Five ways to improve your daily tasks with google


When you sign up for a free Google account, you are automatically allocated a generous amount of online storage space, which is currently close to 8GB. This is higher than on most competing services, and can be used for emails, photos, documents and almost anything else you would like to store and back-up online. The Google Drive service alone takes advantage of this space by letting you create, modify and upload all types of files, and even includes the ability to manage your documents in folders. This effectively makes it a worthy alternative to Dropbox and other online storage services, but with the advantage that you can store everything you need in the one place, including your all-important email communications. If you are a power user, and use up your allotted space, you can purchase even more for a very reasonable sum, ie. $5 per year for 20GB. It is scalable, affordable, and extremely reliable.

Other services that can be used within this space include Reader, which will track and present all of the blogs and news feeds you want to fol low in real-time, and Finance, which presents business information and interactive charts and customised searches that can be used for specific communities or organisations. It is quite difficult to not find a service from Google that will help you get things done, and because they are comparable to competing software services, it is hard to even consider alternatives at times. The services on offer are also quite flexible, and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can set up a Gmail account to send as a different email address, such as a custom domain, and then set up your custom domain email to auto-forward incoming emails to your Gmail account. This means that you can use a completely unique identity, yet reta in the excellent organisational qualities and stability of the Gmail platform. Google Drive accepts

a multitude of file formats and lets you create and export documents in all of the most popular formats as well, so you can do all of your Office document creation through this service and never touch a software solution. The one downside of most Google solutions is that they requi re an internet connection to work, and they tend to run in browsers. The browser side can be advantageous, because it allows you to use the services no matter what device you are currently using, but many still prefer the feel of a standalone application. Software like Fluid for Mac OS lets you set up your Google services to work like apps; you can create an icon, and they will show up in their own window just like standard apps, and there are similar solutions available for Windows. There are also plans to make services like Google Drive work offline if required. This will add one more killer feature to an already long list of solutions that rea lly can change the lives of the people using them.

Five ways to improve your daily tasks

1. Sharing:

Google Drive has changed the way you create and share documents. Google Docs has now been incorporated into Drive, meaning from the one screen you can create a document, form, spreadsheet or drawing, and share it with the world. Drive works across devices and platforms, meaning any changes you make can be synced and viewed whenever you next open them up.

2. Research 

Few would argue against the fact that Google's search tool is the best in the world. It has built a reputation for providing accurate and relevant results by using the information we provide every minute of the day. Not all Google searches are the same, because a search by one person could bring up different results than another person searching the same keywords, because the system will have learnt what you have searched for in the past.

3. Keep up 

Google Reader lets you specify news services to follow, and these will be updated in real-time as the news happens, There are many clients available that utilize the service to bring the latest news to mobile phones, PCs and tablets, and it is widely recognized as one of the best news reading clients in the business, The wealth of information this service can collect is astonishing.

4. Get organised 

Google Calendar is more capable than manyd features that are included. You can set up multiple quick performance and the mynad advance h . e them with mobile devtces and your . d go on to sync ron1s h calendars on different subjects, an device, it will automatically be shown on any ot er home PC. When you make a change on one device connected to the same calendar.

5. Tasks 

A little-known feature of Gmail is the ability to create and manage tasks from within the main interface. This lets you assign emails to tasks easily, and manage everything in the one place, With your contacts also held within Gmail, you may find that this quickly becomes your go-to place for most of your productivity needs, and it certainly is an adequate competitor to Outlook, with the added pro of being free.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Five ways to improve your everyday life with google services


You Tube is one of the most popular services in the world, and setting up an account and sharing your own videos is incredibly simple. You can upload videos from a PC or a smartphone, and you can also subscribe to videos of people you know. It is an all-encompassing service that is perhaps the most social of all, and one that can be used within a circle of friends as much as to follow the famous.


Photo sharing is hugely popular, and can be a positive force to bring people together. Picasa makes the process as easy as possible, and enables real-time sharing of the photos you take and the photos of others. Add in the ability to edit the photos and a variety of mobile apps to let you share from anywhere, and it could quickly become a favorite service that you use every single day.

The alternative  Facebook 

Google Circles is a slick social network that allow you to group together specific people into specific circles so that you can share things with certain groups and not to hers, bypassing the dilemma of whether you want you close family members to read all of your blue rants! Setting up circles is as easy as dragging and dropping and and can post comments and media just as easily as you can in Facebook. What's more, Circles scans your Gmail account for possible friends.

Reading news

Getting your daily dose of news has been made even easier by Google News. It gathers together news stories from 4,500 English language news sources across the globe, and groups stories together in a very user-friendly way. Putting articles into sections, Google News allows you to personalize the news selection by picking your favorite categories, as well as allowing you to easily share interesting reads with friends and family.

Tell The World with Blogger

Google's Blogger offers a complete solution for creating your own blog, which you can have up and running in a matter of minutes. The tie-in with Google helps a lot for search indexing and it is completely free. With the knowledge that thousands of blogs are hosted by Google, you can also be assured of the best up time available, and a continually reliable service .