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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


How to recover SQL server database with best tool

Defining Functionalities of SQL Recovery Tool

There have been numerous situations where database administrators have faced severe server crashes. In such circumstances, they query on to find out what action they would take if they do not have a server database backup. More severe is the situations of database administrators who have employed backup solution but eventually find out the backups are invalid when they try to restore a failed server from the backup. The knowledge of a good backup and restoring technique is very important for any database administrators as inability to restore the database could mean complete loss of data to the company. Read more:- http://www.sqlrecoverysoftware.net

To cope with such a situation, DBA can rely upon a utility that claims of recovering the database of a SQL server that has got corrupted or damaged. Let us have a look on this piece of application to clear out the apprehensions on our mind. 

Trivialities of the Product

The name of the product is SQL Recovery software and you can download it from the website with ease. The setup file is merely of 6.10 MB and can be indisputably installed on the system. You got to look that it is completely a Window based tool and hence it is compatible with almost all versions of SQL Server.

Utilitarian Aspects of SQL Recovery

  • Two Way Scan Procedure: You have the option of advance scan and quick scan. Choose any one of the modes on the basis of SQL database corruption.
  • Recovery of Deleted Data: Recovers data that has been accidentally deleted from the tables maintained in SQL database.
  • Export of Data to SQL Server 2014: Apart from recovering the database of SQL server 2014, it also exports the recovered data directly to the SQL database.
  • Automatically Identifies SQL Server version: The application is competent enough to detect the version of SQL Server from the MDF files or NDF files.
  • Export Data With/Without Schema: The tool facilitates in exporting the database with schema only or you have the provision of exporting both data & schema.
  • Export Options to SQL Server: You can export the recovered database in two ways. Either you can directly export it to SQL Server or you can save it as SQL Compatible scripts and later you can export it to server.
  • Selective Export of Files: You can select the items from the recovered database and export only those items that are actually required.

Trial Version of Application

The demo version of the software only provides the preview of recovered database. For saving the recovered database, you need to opt for license version.

SQL Recovery is a software that is definitely worth recommending. Overall, I would give a rating of 9/10 utility. It is a proficient utility with an array of options for the database administrators.

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