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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Five ways to improve your communication with google services


Gmail has quickly become one of the most popular email platforms on the planet, and for good reason. Signing up for a new account takes a minute, and you are immediately given a huge amount of online space, and a superior interface for your trouble. There are some adverts in the main email page, but they are subtly placed and non-intrusive, which creates space for your emailing that rivals the best from Microsoft and other email providers. The benefits of Gmail are clear- not only are you given a large amount of space to work in, but the knowledge that millions of others are using the service means that you can be assured of a quick fix if a technical problem arises. Google is a brand that everyone is aware of, and reliability is at the core of its success, so up time has been kept to a level few others can match. When you consider that spam filtering is included, there really is no reason not to look to Gmail in place of many paid-for solutions.

Google also provides other communication services, such as Google Talk and associated plugins which enable calls to be Made over an Internet. Connection for free, and also offers online chats via instant messaging. The service has been integrated into other Google offerings such as Gmail, which now offers the chat functionality within the standard Gmail window. Users can immediately chat to other Google users, and the resulting chat logs are saved to the Gmail account alongside normal emails. It brings instant messaging and voice calling to the one application, and therefore all of your communication needs can be catered for in one place. Video chat is also available, and software versions for a variety of mobile platforms enable you to use the service whenever and wherever you like. Google also offers a service called Google Voice, which is currently US-only, but is expected to come to other countries in the future. It allows calls to international phone numbers at a much discounted rate, and a unique phone number which some now use to replace there traditional Land lines.  

The Google communication services are already at a level which means that they can be used for almost all communication needs, but as they advance, they could potentially be used by large businesses, and gain a foothold in the wider telecoms and business email markets. For the average user, Google offers a lot of functionality that is independent of the computer they use, and it is hard to ignore so many clever services that are completely free to use.


One major benefit of the Gmail interface is the way in which labels are organised and displayed. When you receive a new email, you can quickly assign a label (category) to it, and it will be available within a folder alongside similarly labelled items. In the main email list, the label is displayed with the correct colour coding. The presentat ion rivals - and in some cases surpasses - more expensive email clients.


It is likely that when you are emailing people, they are also online, but email can be a slow form of communication w hen trying to have a conversation. If a contact is online, you can chat to them straight away from within Gmail using Google Chat. A small box will pop up showing the chat log, and it will even be saved within Gmail for future reference.


Gmail offers a world class email interface, which is available in any browser. Your contacts are stored alongside emails, and even a basic task manager is built into the interface. Each task can have an associated email, and typing the start of a contact's name will offer you the opportunity to email them straight away. Themes let you make the experience personal to you, and the spam protection is almost foolproof.


Besides the well-known services, there are many other offerings from Google that can help you communicate with others. Groups is a service that lets you send mailing lists to a specific group of people, discuss events online with the same group, and even share files with each member at the tap of a button. This can be handy for businesses and those with a wide circle of friends


The multitude of online communication services currently available has reduced the amount of time people spend speaking to each other verbally and visually, but Google Voice and Google Talk can redress the balance. The good news is that calls will be much cheaper, or in many cases free, and they are compatible with many other Google services. The call quality can also be enhanced, as digital technology is used to deliver each call.

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